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A primary outcome of a JR education is for the students to view their lives as a mission, and to seriously consider their part in the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. The annual Mission Trip is a profound, life-changing experience towards this end. We have taken trips to serve in important US cities including Philadelphia, NYC, and Washington, DC and to serve in international locations in Haiti, Japan, Hungary, Canada and Switzerland.

Gifts to this fund help reduce the overall cost of the trips for students and staff.

Students raise funds for their trip through seeking personal support, and as a team, funds are raised through work-a-thons, maple syrup sales, play tickets and other school sponsored events. The typical cost per student for a local trip is $800.00 while the typical cost per student for an international trip is $2,500.

(You may sponsor a student's trip with your gift recognizing that by sponsoring you are indicating your preference that your donation will be used on behalf of that student. While we will honor preferences in funding for students, tax deductible donations cannot be refunded to donors if a particular student cannot go on the trip [either through the student's own choice or through a decision of the school.] If the trip is cancelled, the funds will be used on other mission trips. If a student receives more in preferenced donations than he or she needs for the trip, the excess will be used to pay other expenses related to the trip or general expenses related to future trips.)
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